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For those interested in lyrics, some are available for viewing on
Just look up Kevin Brett. they look better there than here but as there's only limited space per poem there, I've also made them available in .txt format below. Just click on the one you want.
Paper Cup
Clickety Blues
New Every Day
Kiss in the Sky
Roughly 2a.m.
Spare Parts
Silver Lining
Fortune and Fame
Kind Words
Another Mans Queen
Tick-Tock Eyes
Bar of Existence
1000 legs
Fast Food Bus-Stop
Midnight Mindgames
New York Cheer
Prodigal Son
Seduced by a Song
These Teenage Philosophies
Waterville Blues

Oh yeah, they're all copyrighted ©Kevin Thomas Brett - varying years, as per date at the end of the text
If you want to, feel free to me and I will reply as soon as possible.

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