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People I know

The Rat
J. Hetch Nolan
Owen O' Leary...(aka Fluffy)'s Home page! mail him
Patrick O' Flaherty's Homepage
Steve the Crow......mail him

Music Pages (All Hail Music!!!)

My music 10/20 second downloads.....full tracks available soon
The official Radiohead page with class artwork and poetry!
The MTV page

Cool Stuff

You've gotta check out Spo  But be warned, it's only for the truly crazy!

[Dead Barney picture]Kill Barney Page Still going strong after a stupid number of years!!

[picture of the button]The Really Big Button that doesn't do anything! It doesn't come much cooler than this one!

[membership cert]Centre for the easily Amused! The ultimate source for all that's strange out there!!

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Home Page
The Trojan Coffee Machine It's no longer updated regularly, but you can see it's history!
The Exploding Toaster page
The Zen Connect the Dots Page


[logo type picture]the O' Shakespeares worship page

Flirt F.M.The college radio station with which I was involved.

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